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Whether you are an occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, teacher or parent, the tools in this section will allow you to target a range of skill sets from fine and gross motor, articulation, voice and stuttering, listening skills, sensory and more! Use these therapy tools to practice speech sounds, strengthen the muscles of the mouth, provide appropriate sensory options or work on balance and strength. These tools work in any setting – school, hospital, clinic or home.

Gross Motor, Articulation, Voice, Stuttering, Listening Skills, Sensory and more!
Articulation/Phonology (9 products) These speech therapy tools provide games, flashcards and lessons to work on speech sounds and phonological processes. Shop Now »
Fluency/Voice/Stuttering (2 products) Discover software, resources and activities to target fluent speech communication. Shop Now »
Motor Skills (11 products) Use these products to improve small motor movements, improve whole body strength and movement, and to provide options for addressing jaw, tongue and lip strengthening. Shop Now »
Sensory (9 products) Discover a variety of options for assisting with sensory issues from oral chewing tools to resource books and weighted blankets. Shop Now »
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“I’m a teacher and my classroom is filled with a range of students with different needs and goals. Boardmaker Studio lets me create and adapt materials that support all of them with tools that let me add symbols to stories and create labels in multiple languages.”
– Marietta

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