Entire Gallery Magnet Collection


Entire Gallery Magnet Collection

Create a visual schedule with magnets!


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Need help with communication, focus or transitions? SchKIDules activity magnets are a great way to easily build a visual schedule on any magnetically receptive surface. They work on refrigerators, magnetic dry erase boards, in the class room or you could even use a cookie sheet. With the Entire Gallery you get 110 activity magnets that cover 70 home activities, chores, and outings; 20 school activities; and 20 magnets specially geared towards special needs.

They are dry-erase friendly, so if an activity needs to be crossed out or checked off you can write right on them.

Magnets measure 2 x 2 inches and are 35mil in thickness.

List of Magnets
gymnastics, bike ride, church, dentist, doctor, playground, haircut, library, movie night, music, out to eat, party, aquarium/zoo, shopping, special event, sports, swim, play date, dance, trip, wipe sink, clean room, dishes, feed pets, garbage, laundry, set table, pick up toys, clear table, make bed, arts and crafts, backpack, bath, bedtime, breakfast, brush teeth, brush teeth, comb hair, computer, dessert, dinner, drink, family time, free time, games, get dressed, gloves/hat, going out, homework, jacket, lunch, nap, outside play, PJ, potty, reading, restroom, reward, school, shoes, shower, snack, socks, tablet, toy time, tv, video games, wake up, walk, wash hands, assembly, calendar, centers, circle time, dismissal, field trip, line up, math, story time, science, writing, social studies, spelling, P.E, quiet, desk work, group work, cubby, recess, show and tell, medicine, trampoline, speech, puzzles, therapy, don’t like, like, break, OT, all done, weighted vest, brushing, play dough, choice, sit down, PT, sensory table, listening, stop, hands in lap.


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