Tobii Dynavox Pathways™ for Core First®



Tobii Dynavox Pathways™ for Core First®

Your FREE Companion App for Core First

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Pathways is a FREE, one-of-a-kind companion app for Core First, packed with expert advice for how to meaningfully impact the user’s communication success. Based on best practices from experts in the field, Pathways provides lesson plans, top tips, and real-world videos to show parents, teachers, and therapists how to get the most out of Core First with confidence.
Pathways is an expert blueprint for getting started and continuing to grow skills with Core First, that’s clear and easy to follow. It was developed to empower communication partners to confidently apply best practices and proven techniques for the user in a simple, straight-forward way and to share them with others. The combination of Core First and Pathways is your essential resource to have the biggest impact on the user’s communication success.

What’s inside?

    Getting Started – Set up Core First and use it with an example. You’ll also find:
  • Helpful how-to videos

  • Scripts based on the individual’s grid size

    Goals Grid – Use this proven resource tool that is now interactive to:
  • Assess an individual’s current skills and identify goals

  • Track and share progress in Pathways and email or print status to share with others

  • Access at least one lesson plan per goal

    Build Skills – Discover and share (email, print) how to build the user’s skills through lessons and resources. We’ll equip you to:
  • Teach core vocabulary through Core Word Lessons & Books

  • Transitioning from PECS

  • Select and implement positive behavior supports

    Customize Core First – Print or email cheat sheets and view video instructions on how to easily customize components of Core First:
  • Add or rearrange vocabulary

  • Grow core words systematically

  • Simplify or grow language

    Top Tips – Identify the most important things about using Core First with the user. Here you’ll learn about:
  • Modeling

  • Providing a positive communication environment

  • Looking for success


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