Communication Flip Book - ABC Uppercase


Communication Flip Book - ABC Uppercase

An excellent tool for building writing skills!



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Rett University and Susan Norwell have partnered to bring you Susan's popular Communication Flip Books! The Flip Books use a technique called Partner-Assisted Scan (PAS) where the communication partner says the options in each section while pointing to them, then repeats with pauses between options to wait for possible “yes” responses. The books are professionally printed on durable Mohawk Performance Polyester plastic material that won’t tear, is weather resistant, and environmentally friendly; giving the users a durable set of communication books that they can take with them anywhere!

The ABC Uppercase Communication Flip Book
An excellent tool for building writing skills, the ABC Uppercase Communication Flip Book is for individuals who are not able to use their hands or a switch for writing. Most children begin to scribble at 12-18 months and many individuals with significant disabilities are unable to participate in this important developmental milestone. This book is a tool to support the scribbling a child needs to do before they learn to write more conventionally as well as a tool for conventional writing.


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