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The iAdapter case provides amplification needed to make the iPad a viable communication system. Our NEWLY designed case offers better protection needed to withstand everyday bumps & dings that a portable device cannot typically tolerate while transitioning between locations or everyday usage. Included with the iAdapter 6 are a detachable handle, stand, and shoulder strap. Optional accessories include a carrying bag, colorful skins, standard LCD screen guard & mounting solutions, which sets the iAdapter 6 apart from other protective cases in the industry. The new features added to the iAdapter 6 comes from listening to all the requests from our customers.
• Bluetooth Switch Access for single or 2 switch scanning • Slimmer case design
• Thicker plastic design to resist breaking from accidental drops
• The iPad is now surrounded by rubber on all sides to improve protection
• Captive screws that won’t fall out when removing the iPad from the case
• Optional Standard LCD screen protector
• Shoulder strap can be clipped to any of the four corners
• Enhanced sound quality using Bluetooth® technology
• Amplifier has a longer battery life providing a longer run time than the iPad
• Detachable handle that folds out of the way
• Detachable stand when mounting solution is needed
• Wheelchair mount ready
Dimensions: 11.0" L x 8.5" H x 1.5" W
Weight: Approximately 1 lb. (does not include iPad)
Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours
Charger: Universal 110 – 220V AC to USB, Micro 5V DC output
Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty


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