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Behavior Management

Individuals with special learning needs can exhibit a range of behavioral challenges that can interfere significantly with adaptive functioning at home, in the community, and at school. At Mayer-Johnson, we believe that successful learning begins with behavior management. Our tools and resources provide structure to the environment, visually communicate sequences and events, and assist with empowering students to manage their own behavior. We provide resources and tools for parents and educators to learn more about implementing appropriate behavioral supports.

Assists with appropriate behavior, task completion and creating a positive learning environment
Emotional Regulation (8 products) Find products to help control students’ emotional and behavioral outbursts. Shop Now »
Resources (4 products) Discover the information you need to help implement behavior management supports. Shop Now »
Schedules (7 products) Find products that let students know what activity is coming up next and help to calm their nerves so they don’t act out. Shop Now »
Timers (9 products) From classroom timers to audible timers, these products provide students with a better understanding of the concept of time. Shop Now »
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“I’m a teacher and my classroom is filled with a range of students with different needs and goals. Boardmaker Studio lets me create and adapt materials that support all of them with tools that let me add symbols to stories and create labels in multiple languages.”
– Marietta

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