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Assistive Technology

Individuals have various abilities to communicate, relate to, and access their world. Assistive Technology can support, change or modify an individual's ability to succeed at tasks that they otherwise may not be able to accomplish. At DynaVox Mayer-Johnson, we are committed to promoting greater independence through access to various technologies. We provide tools to allow individuals to interact with their world, including augmentative and alternative communication devices, adaptive games, and software. We also provide technology and tools that allow individuals to use items through access methods such as switches and joysticks.

Communication, independence, expression, self-confidence and much more.
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ā€œIā€™m a teacher and my classroom is filled with a range of students with different needs and goals. Boardmaker Studio lets me create and adapt materials that support all of them with tools that let me add symbols to stories and create labels in multiple languages.ā€
ā€“ Marietta

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