We are proud to offer you a diverse range of autism-related supports – all located in one place. These supports, like Autism Community and BoardmakerShare.com, were designed to assist you in everyday life and to help further your education on autism-related topics.

Autism Community
Autism Community

Autism Community strives to provide the most reliable and in depth information on autism treatments, therapies and supports to parents, teachers, therapists and doctors. On this website, you can learn more about specific areas of autism, have your questions answered and connect with other community members.

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Boardmaker Share

Boardmaker ShareBoardmakerShare.com is the perfect community for finding thousands of Boardmaker activities on hundreds of topics. One of the special features about BoardmakerShare.com is its "group" option. You are able to search by keywords and find established groups that share your interests. Search "Autism" and 14 groups appear! The largest autism-related group on BoardmakerShare.com is Best Practices for Students with Autism and it has over 4,300 members and over 650 activities.

Sample Activities:

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Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest can offer a wealth of knowledge relating to autism. Sites like these help you connect with a larger community and can serve as a place for discussion based on related topics.

One social media site in particular, Squag, is specifically for children with autism and their parents. This site is designed for tweens and teens on the autism spectrum and it facilitates the opportunity for organic relationships. It also allows for parents to learn more about their children.

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Many prerecorded trainings are available for our Boardmaker Software Family products. These trainings range from introductory videos (and the basics of the software) to more advanced how-to videos (that teach a specific skill). There are also videos that teach you how to support students with autism using the software. Some of the titles include:

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